one day the sun will come out (rebelliousjedi) wrote in the_paulies,
one day the sun will come out

new facebook with VMs and advisors

Just to make this community a bit more alive-

There aren't any new pictures in the facebook, which I and probably almost every returning student wants to see to survey if they look horrible or if there was an improvement from the previous year, and also newbs still have the face of the St. Paul's shield, but the voicemails and advisors have been updated, plus the birthdays which was oddly removed for some time. I'm guessing because birthdays change, I don't know.

The link for returning students is right here, just in case you have forgotten.

For newbs, access it through Parents Online under "Links of Interest" I believe, and bother your big sister/brother if your advisor is good or not, along with if the house/room is good or not.

Just pitching ideas along to make things a bit more interesting.
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